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Brewer, D. D. (1992). Hip Hop graffiti writers' evaluations of strategies to control illegal graffiti. Human Organization, 51, 188-196.

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Thirteen elite Hip Hop graffiti (HHG) writers from the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City and two nonwriters intimately familiar with the HHG subculture evaluated strategies to curb illegal HHG in terms of their effectiveness, preference, and estimated cost. Results showed that the type of community response to HHG may determine in part the degree to which HHG writers become deviantly polarized. The degree of deviant polarization may, in turn, influence the chances of involving writers in alternative strategies that emphasize HHG in legal contexts. The California writers evaluated alternative strategies as more effective than traditional strategies, which gives cities options to avoid expensive and unsuccessful wars on graffiti.

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