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Scientific Resources


Scientific Resources

Much of the health science literature searchable for free at PubMed (abstracts and links to some full text)

Directory of Open Access Journals -- searchable index of research articles in open access (free) online journals

Webmed Central -- open access, post-publication review journal of uncensored research in the health sciences

Social Science Research Network -- open access archive of manuscripts and articles in the social sciences

Google Scholar -- free searchable index of scientific and scholarly articles, including citing sources

Science News -- weekly science newsmagazine (free online)

QUAID - Question Understanding Aid, an indispensable free tool for improving question comprehension in surveys

OpenStat and LazStats - free general statistical software packages available on multiple platforms

Analytic Technologies -- free and inexpensive comprehensive software for social network analysis, multidimensional scaling, semantic domain analysis, visualization, and related methods, also with excellent technical support

RLPlot - free and versatile data graphics software for multiple platforms

Venn Diagram Plotter -- a free program for making Venn diagrams


Free software for creating djvu files from DjVuZone and (DjVu Solo 3.1)

Injection! - free online movie by director Mickey Grant about health-care transmission of HIV in Africa

Points to Consider: Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia, and the Carribean - a free online book by David Gisselquist that provides the most comprehensive overview of iatrogenic HIV transmission

Don't Get Stuck with HIV -- online book and blog about how to avoid HIV infection from unhygienic healthcare, cosmetic care, and rituals

Hesperian Foundation publications on community-based health care in poor countries -- see in particular:

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