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Van Raalte, J. L., Brewer, D. D., Brewer, B. W., & Linder, D. E. (1993). Sport psychologists' perceptions of sport and mental health practitioners. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 5, 222-233.

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Attenders of the 1991 annual AAASP conference (N = 35) completed a questionnaire assessing their perceptions of 11 sport and mental health practitioners.  Consistent with the results of a previous study that examined football players' perceptions of these practitioners, judgments of sport-related, physical, and mental expertise were strongly related to the similarity structure of the practitioners.  There were no systematic differences between the judgments made by respondents trained in physical education/ exercise science and those made by respondents trained in psychology.  However, AAASP conference attenders displayed substantially more agreement (p < .0001) about the similarity of practitioners than the previous sample of football players, even though both groups shared the same general perceptions of the practitioners. 

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