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Van Raalte, J. L., Brewer, D. D., Matheson, H., & Brewer, B. W. (1996). British athletes' perceptions of sport and mental health practitioners. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 8, 102-108.

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A series of studies conducted in the U. S. has indicated that undergraduates, older male sport fans, college athletes, and sport psychologists have similar perceptions of sport psychologists.  The purpose of this research was to explore 17 female and 15 male British athletes' perceptions of sport psychologists.  Athletes were recruited from sports science classes, and questionnaires were distributed in the classroom.  Results of correspondence analysis indicate that British athletes hold perceptions of sport psychologists that are similar to those held by college athletes and sport psychologists in the U. S.  Sport psychologists were perceived to by similar to mental health practitioners in general and more similar to sport-related practitioners than other mental health practitioners.

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