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Van Raalte, J. L., Brewer, B. W., Brewer, D. D., & Linder, D. E. (1992). NCAA Division II football players' perceptions of a fellow athlete who consults a sport psychologist. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 14, 273-282.

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Study I was conducted to explore athletes' perceptions of an athlete who consults a sport psychologist.  Football players from two NCAA Division II colleges, one with and one without athletic counseling/sport psychology services, were asked to indicate how strongly they would recommend drafting a quarterback who had worked with his coaches, a sport psychologist, or a psychotherapist to improve his performance.  Results indicated that in neither college did athletes derogate other athletes who were said to have consulted sport psychologists.  Study 2 was conducted to examine athletes' perceptions of various sport and mental health professionals.  Similarity judgments of the practitioners were analyzed using correspondence analysis, and rankings of the practitioners on three dimensions (expertise in sport-related, mental, and physical issues) were analyzed using cultural consensus analysis.  Consistent with past research, these three variables were salient factors in subjects' similarity judgments of the practitioners.

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